About Us

Costa y cumbre Tours is a young touristic enterprise in Talca which has the task to utilize the large but more or less unknown potential of the 7th region, and to support tourism and introduce it to its vast and beautiful, yet untouched areas.

With a 3 hours bus ride southwards, Talca is very close to Santiago, Chiles capital, and very suitable for a short weekend trip.

Our travel guides are all bi- or tri-lingual and very interested to show the visitors our region.

Why we are so enthusiastic about the 7th region?

It has so much to offer:
Stunning nature from the coast to the snow covered summits; crystal clear creeks, high mountain lakes, thunderous waterfalls, mile long dunes, rural coast towns surrounded by huge woodland.
Exciting tours from half day up to five days length, with nature untouched paths and hiking paths for all level of difficulties.
Chilean Wine culture.